Cubics BMS is getting known as the most popular ERP Solution in Azerbaijan. Here are the reasons…

1. Business and technology

Cubics is the company where business meets technology and together, they turn into something more. The harmony of it allows companies to automate business processes easily and manage the company in the most efficient way. Cubics solutions are made by successful businessmen, experienced business experts, business analysts and advanced developers by using innovative technologies.

2. Innovative methodology

Foreign ERP companies usually require technical task or sketches of business processes in order to start the business automation and development of ERP software. Unlike other companies, the professional team of Cubics organizes “interactive Workshop” meetings with customers where both sides discuss and optimize the business processes. Cubics experts make notes and create a simple technical task as an official document. Further, after ratification of this document Cubics team begins the development process. The close communication ensures the system to be built in a way the client requires.

3. User-friendly and intuitive interface

People fall in love with the interface of Cubics solutions as soon as they see it. All solutions are charged with user-friendly and intuitive information built based on UX / UI rules. It means that no additional trainings needed to start the software usage.

4. Dashboard

Cubics team created Dashboard – The Panel of Key Metrics so the business owners and leaders do not waste their time on report compilation. This module gives real-time exceptional at-a-glance view to status of specific processes or business in general. The information in this module is fully customizable depending on requirements of management team.

5. Customization

“All business processes may be similar but they are unique in realization”. This is the philosophy of Cubics team for building any solution and a reason why all solutions are customized for every company. The customizability of Cubics solutions allows to completely adapt the software to business.

6. Access beyond

Every system must have an access from all over the world due to high flexibility of today’s Economics. Cubics solutions are cloud-based so the users may access the system from any device with internet connection.

7. Security is number one priority

Just like the world’s top companies Cubics pays a lot of attention to security and privacy. The access to the systems is secured by 2-Step Verification. Moreover, after the project is done the access remains only on client’s side so the maximum privacy is provided.

8. In brand we trust

Most business leaders usually choose the products with proven experience. And Cubics products are one of them. More than 100 local companies have already chosen Cubics, were able to automate their business processes and are satisfied with their choice.

9. Updates and improvements

The usage of any software becomes uninteresting when it looks the same for a long period of time. The Cubics team believes that even the perfect system can be improved. That is why all operations in Cubics products are constantly improving and the users get the updates for their systems on desire.

10. Integrations

Cubics is integration-friendly system and it is one of the most important advantages. If you have already partially automated some of your business processes via another solution, you should not completely decline it in order to switch to Cubics solution. You can automate all other processes with Cubics, and the rest of the data will be integrated into a separate module and displayed directly in a single Cubics system.

11. Support service

A common problem with foreign ERP companies is that when any error occurs, it takes a very long time for it to be resolved. Since the Cubics team is constantly in touch with users, if anything happens, it is resolved almost instantly. You can contact the support service via a call, messenger or email.

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